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Target. On the mark.

They know what they’re doing. What exactly that is, I still haven’t fully quite figured out. Why do us women like it so much? Yes, I said women specifically. Women have a sever passion for Target. Target draws women in like moths to flames. It calls to them.

When I know I get to go to Target, something inside me does a little happy dance. I prefer to go alone, with no time restraints, and ideally, a couple extra dollars to spend. I am armed with my Cartwheel app and a shopping cart because let’s be real, I won’t be leaving empty handed. Who does that?!

I don’t necessarily have to go to a particular spot right away, but there are aisles I will definitely not miss. Target Dollar Spot. Shoes. Jewelry. Clearance. I just love to see that red sale sticker.

But what is it? When I asked fellow Targetonians, this is what I got:

“I think because it’s clean and bright. And there’s so much cute stuff. Like the dollar spot and the gift ideas and everything. It’s like all the good stuff about Walmart without the crap quality and poor customer service.” -Rachel

“They seem to keep a higher quality product in the beauty dept, home dept is always on trend with colors and styles, they get amazing collaborations in the clothing deptpis, and they carried the ’boutique’ brands in the baby dept – California baby – first.” -Deja

Target, I am not going to try to understand your ins and outs, I will leave that to you. As for me, step aside, I must shop.


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