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I have worked in fashion for over 15 years. I am well aware of trends. Some come and go not altering too much of the racks at the department stores and other trends take over every inch of retail space. I am all for embracing what is current, it keeps things interesting. We have to have change. What I have a slight issue with, is when you no longer have variety. At all. Not to mention every single person looking identical to the next.

What is my contention here? Shoulders. Everywhere I look, I see shoulders. Shoulders as far as the eye can see. Shoulders. Shoulders. Shoulders.

I tried to narrow an online search using the following tags: tops, blouses, long sleeve. My refined output, cold shoulder and off the shoulder “blouses.” And not just one or two, pages of these tops. Let me tell you, if I walked into work with one of those, it would not be well received. I get it, it’s a fad, have fun people, but is there anything, and I mean any other option for those of us who would like to look somewhat professional for when we aren’t at the beach everyday, as these designers think we are? Because so help me, if this doesn’t end soon, I will have to resort to sewing at home, and that won’t be pretty either.

Attention designers, bring back the fabric!