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4 giant cinnamon rolls or a peach?  $1.99 or $2.40? 4 giant cinnamon rolls for $1.99 or 1 peach for $2.40. And we wonder why America is overweight. It is far cheaper to buy junk food than healthy food. Does anyone else find this disturbing?

This has a ripple effect. You can save a considerable amount of money buying frozen pizza and chips versus organic fruits and vegetables. It is a short term “fix.” Jump ahead 5 years. How is that waist line? Diabetes? Knee problems? Breathing okay? Pretty tired aren’t you?

I am all for the occasional indulgence, but every day, I have to draw the line. So, my grocery bills are high. But, my doctor’s bills are nearly non existent. And, as a mother, you better believe I am putting my child’s health first. Which means the cut up fruit and antibiotic free chicken nuggets instead of McDonalds. But what about those who do not have that option? Because I have been there. Being able to afford more nutritious food is a luxury. One I did not always have. One many people do not have and that is a horrible reality. Something needs to be done. What can be done?

Education, sadly, is not enough. People are fully aware but still do not have the means. There is no one solution that will fix this epidemic. Everything has cause and effect. For me, I refuse to sit idly by and hope one day it will magically get better. I am doing my part. It may be small, but I believe my acts can also have a ripple effect. I shop local. I read labels. I know what is going on in the government. I offer input. I teach my daughter about health. My tiny acts may not change society, but it sure doesn’t hurt.