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Momming. Yes, that is an actual word…in the social media realm. I really hope it gets added to Webster’s Dictionary, because let’s be real, #momming is real life stuff. I love being a mother. I never knew love like this. My daughter has completed my life in ways I never could have imagined. She also has this amazing capability to push me to the furthest extremes of sanity.

I am a single mother and proud of it. I work hard and do my best to give my daughter everything she needs, and, yes, wants, within reason. But one thing I have come to realize, no matter your status, whether you’re married, divorced, stay-at-home mom, work full-time, all moms share something in common. Not 100% sure what that is, but it’s something rooted in us that we can just look at each other and without speaking, say “I know.” “I feel ya.” “Been there!”


We all are about 5 years behind on sleep. Our hair is long overdo for a trip to the beauty salon. A massage always sounds good. Getting to eat a warm cooked meal, slowly is a thing of the past. You can now add chauffeur to your resume. You have bags under your eyes, and they aren’t even designer. And all the while, you can’t stop thinking how lucky you are to be a mom.

Look, you don’t have to feel guilty about admitting the struggles and challenges. Everyone has them. Saying them out loud just let’s other mothers out there know they aren’t alone. Just because you have a hard day, week, let’s hope not year, doesn’t make you inadequate, it makes you normal. Embrace it all, it goes in the blink of an eye.

(And just in case you are in the midst of a difficulty, it’s nothing a trip to Target can’t help with. Hello dollar section!)