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I did it! I wore flats, to work! And you know what, I am going to do it again. I am not going to get carried away, I am still going to remain professional in my attire. I will still be in dress code, as I usually am, with my nod to my fashion roots, but I will embrace the very chic, and dare I say sassy flats. Oh, and guess what, I got multiple compliments.

flat shoes drawing

So what did I learn?

  • Choose the RIGHT style of flats
  • Walk with confidence
  • Coordinate the outfit well
  • Walk with confidence
  • Do your job as you always do, 100%
  • Walk with confidence

I do not plan on wearing flats every day to work. After all, most of my suits are made to fit with high heels. I do however plan on altering the perception of being labeled “unprofessional” because I am opting for footwear that doesn’t cause throbbing pain. High heels are absolutely acceptable to wear every day, especially is that is what you prefer. I prefer high heels. I just need to give my feet a break once in a while. And I also need to give myself a break.