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This is not a Nike advertisement.

This is a motivational swift kick. One of the biggest weights on your shoulders, whether you realize it or not, is procrastination. Your brain stores a task that needs to be done and doesn’t allow it to resolve until it is complete. This means, on some level, you never fully rest until you have completed that task. By holding off to “deal with it later” is detrimental for you and your stress level.

So why do people wait? Why do people avoid tasks? So many reasons out there, but I am


going to focus on 4 common ones:

  • It’s not enjoyable
  • Fear of discovery
  • Difficulty
  • Unsure of how to begin

Let’s tackle each right now? I mean, why wait?

It’s Not Enjoyable

First, not all tasks will be enjoyable, however, I have found that once I create a to-do list, it is helpful to see prioritize. Then, get it out-of-the-way. No one wants to end their day on a down side. Why push everything troublesome to the end? Take care of it now so you can save the best for last. Side note, it makes time go by faster too.

Fear of Discovery

What will you find out if you start that task? For example, you need to balance your checkbook. But doing so means you will realize you don’t have as much money as you thought. What if you change your mindset to this though? What if you go into it ready fists raised, ready to find out the truth? I promise you will be able to handle what is in front of you that much better!


Certain things are bound to be difficult. That is called learning. Once you learn, you are able to do it better the next time. By putting it off because it is difficult, you are actually making any future tasks continually difficult because you haven’t mastered your obstacle yet. Essentially, you are dragging it out over a span of time experiencing the same difficulty over and over again.

Unsure of How to Begin

Sometimes I just do not know where to even begin to begin! I am sure I have looked like a deer in headlights more than once. Let me share my methods on this one. It never hurts to seek advice. Check with others who might be able to offer guidance. Make a list of what you know. Google. The power of Google is at your fingertips. And if you still don’t know where to begin, dive into a part you do know. Break it into pieces. Chances are they will come together and that large task won’t seem so large.

start now

You don’t have to take on the entire world in one day, but you can make small changes that amount to great outcomes.