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For Each Other!

Why do I believe in women supporting women so much? Look at the great things that come of it when we do.

Supporting one another does not mean it diminishes ourselves. Supporting one another means we make each other stronger. We make each other wiser. We make each other exceptionally great. And, we need to do more of it.

Why Is Support So Important?

Think of the last time when someone took you under their wing and guided you along. Weren’t you grateful? Didn’t it feel reassuring knowing someone wanted you to succeed?

It is important to support others because we were not made to be alone in this world. We are relational beings, made to connect. When you support another individual, you are becoming part of something bigger than yourself. You are developing a network that has a way of connecting in unimaginable ways.

We have all seen the recent women’s movement of 2018. Look at all that has come to light and changed, for the better, in just a short amount of time. Know why? Women supporting women. Hearing each other’s stories. Helping others work through challenges. Finding common ground and breaking through barriers. Great things have happened and there are many more to come, but we must continue.

When you know you are supported, you feel empowered. Your confidence raises. You are  Loudly support one another with pink backgroundunstoppable. When you know you can, you make things happen for yourself. When was the last time you felt that strong? When was the last time you imparted that boldness on to someone else?

These are some of the reasons why supporting each other is so pivotal. Now, what does support actually look like? There are many different ways to help others out. I literally could fill an entire book.

What Support Looks Like – How You Can Help Others:

  1. Help revise and update a resume
  2. Interviewing tips
  3. Image consulting
  4. Proofread work
  5. Suggest books
  6. Mentorship
  7. Invite to a networking group
  8. Invite to meet over coffee

The suggestions listed are just that, suggestions. I would love to hear your success stories and ideas so please share with me!

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